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Regulatory and Complaints Information

Regulatory and Complaints Information




Civitas Law actively monitors the quality of service delivered by its members through formal and informal feedback mechanisms. Civitas Law and its members take the question of clients concerns seriously. If clients whether lay or professional wish to raise dissatisfaction with the conduct, level of service or performance  of Civitas Law or the members of chambers then please do so and you should know that all such concerns will be taken seriously and will be investigated appropriately so that an outcome can be provided to the complainant as soon as is reasonably practicable.

It is the objective of Civitas Law to provide legal representation of the highest standard with the utmost integrity to all its clients, and to ensure that our services are supported by an administrative function of an identical standard.

Civitas Law accepts that matters sometimes arise that give cause for complaint, and so it aims to resolve any such issues promptly, courteously and in a manner that directly addresses the concerns of the complainant. This complaints procedure shall be accessible to all members (including members who are mediators), staff and clients of chambers, and has been structured in a simple and clear format.

Civitas Law shall endeavour to give prompt replies to complaints, with time limits laid down, kept and made known to the complainant. It shall provide for effective investigation of the issues raised, and all parties shall offer fair and effective redress at all times.

Overall Civitas Law shall maintain client confidentiality at all stages of the complaint, including the investigative stages and beyond.

Should you feel that you have not been provided with a service of a satisfactory standard, or you have reason to make a complaint on the grounds of harassment, discrimination or victimisation, you are invited to report your concerns to Civitas Law at the earliest opportunity.

Download our Complaints Procedure     

This also provides information about any right you may have to complain to the Legal Ombudsman (LeO) – the independent body which can help you if you have complained to your lawyer and are not happy with their response.

You can also search the decision data on LeO’s website [here].  This shows providers which received an ombudsman’s decision in the previous 12 months and whether LeO required the provider to give the consumer a remedy.  Alternatively, you can contact LeO on 0300 555 0333 to ask about this.

Barristers in chambers are regulated by the Bar Standards Board.  

You can search the Barristers’ Register on the Bar Standard’s website [here].  This shows:

(1) whether a barrister has a current practising certificate; and

(2) whether a barrister has any disciplinary findings, which are published on the Bar Standards Board website in accordance with their policy.  Alternatively you can contact the Bar Standards Board on 0207 611 1444 to ask about this.


For further information please contact our clerks, who will be able to help you with any questions.
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