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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Civitas Law is managed by the Management Board. The Board consists of three to five members of Civitas Law. The members of the Board are elected at the General Meeting of Civitas Law. Each member of the Board serves as Chair for a period of six months.  Management Boards are re-elected every 18 months. The Chair passes between all three members of the Management Board on a six month cycle.

Management Board

Management Board – Bryan Thomas
Management Board – Nicholas David Jones
Management Board – Richard Cole
Management Board – Joanne Williams
Management Board – Kate Parker

Chambers Director

Chambers Director – Peter Keen

Directly below the Management Board is Chambers Director. The Chambers Director is responsible for marketing and the development of Civitas Law.
He is head of staff and is directly responsible to the Management Board.

The Clerking Team, Client support Team and Administration comprise the staff at Civitas Law.


The head of clerking is the Senior Clerk.

Senior Clerk – Andrea McLean

The senior Clerk is responsible for the clerking of barristers in Civitas Law and is the line manager of the  assistant  clerk.

Clerk – Alyson Hartington-Clark

Fee Clerk – Deborah Tully

The fee clerk is responsible for collection of barristers’ fees.

Chambers Support Officer - Lee Fifield

Members of Chambers

Members of Chambers carry out the following specific functions:

Head of Pupillage  – Kate Parker
Treasurer – Richard Cole
Library Officers – Cathrine Grubb
Equality and Diversity – Christopher Howells

Practice Divisions

Alternative Dispute Resolution ­
Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence 
Chancery and Commercial 
Planning and Public Law 

A full management board diagram can be downloaded.


For further information please contact our clerks, who will be able to help you with any questions.
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