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Wales Business Insider legal review: thriving under pressure

Civitas Law recently took part in the annual legal sector review by the Wales Business Insider, which looks at opportunities, room for improvement and innovation by Welsh lawyers and the sector at large.

Nick David Jones (Barrister and member of the Management Board) and Emma Waddingham (Business Development Manager), both from chambers, joined senior solicitors from some of the leading law firms in Wales to talk about how to win more work, new business models, skills and government support.

Douglas Friedli, Editor of the Wales Business Insider, notes in his online introduction to the 2012 legal sector review: “There was a time when law firms were perceived as stuffy and unwilling to change. That reputation was unfair in many cases, but there may have been a grain of truth in it. Clients want their lawyers to be cautious and to provide advice untainted by the firm's commercial interests.

“But as we report in our legal sector feature [p.12-19 in the September 2012 issue of the Wales Business Insider], the scene is changing fast. New rules implemented last year that allow other companies to dabble in legal services are becoming a reality. Law firms in Wales are well aware of the challenges that fresh competitors will bring. The downturn has already made many Welsh firms sharpen their competitive weapons.”