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Personal Injury team help relaunch BPILS Division 1 for LexisNexis

Civitas Law's Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence Group are celebrating the launch of the completely rewritten Butterworths Personal Injury Litigation Service (BPILS), Division 1.

Division I Fundamentals of Damages and Loss: What May Be Claimed and How (Issue 125, March 2013) was led by Divisional Editor Theo Huckle QC and includes chapters by members of the group at Civitas Law, as well as leading experts in the field.

The new draft of the Munkman Guide has been introduced to accommodate last minute points of interest in the area of Personal Injury Litigation. The relaunch has been largely prompted by the need to keep abreast of the daily developments of the impending Jackson Reforms.


  • Theo Huckle QC (Divisional Editor)
  • Andrew Arentsen
  • Richard Cole
  • Simon Hughes
  • Cathrine Grubb
  • Ryan Amesbury
  • Marc Baynard (JM Hayes)
  • Laura Begley (9 Gough Square)
  • Sheralee Ellis (AWD)
  • Janet Lavelle (JM Hayes)


The rewritten Division I has focused on the real needs of the practitioner in the field by delivering what is hoped to be an essential PI toolkit while also providing a solid grounding in the more general principles of compensation theory.

  • Chapter A Introduction to Personal Injury Litigation and General Principles of Compensation
  • Chapter B General Issues Affecting Liability and Quantam Valuation
  • Chapter C Funding
  • Chapter D Avoiding Litigation — Alternative Procedures
  • Chapter E Dishonest and Unlawful Claims
  • Chapter F The Essential Practice Guide to Preparing Claims
  • Chapter G Heads of Claim I—Non Pecuniary Losses/General Damages
  • Chapter H Heads of Claim II—The "Standard" Heads of Pecuniary Loss
  • Chapter I Heads of Claim III—Special Aspects of Future Loss
  • Chapter J Heads of Claim IV—Special Heads or Bases of Claim
  • Chapter K Deduction and Recoupment
  • Chapter L Interest
  • Chapter M Schedules
  • Chapter N The PI Practitioner's Guide to Costs and Costs Assessment
  • Chapter O Finalising the Award or Settlement

Butterworths Personal Injury Litigation Service (BPILS) offers expert guidance on a range of personal injury topics, from motor insurance, medical negligence and industrial accidents to character assessment of witnesses, personality changes, and the effect of inflation on claims. The narrative covers Personal injuries, Fatal accidents, Motor insurance/Third party rights, Practice and procedure, Costs, Limitation, Letters and forms, Claims of the utmost severity, Product liability, Risk assessment and CFAs, Highways, and Personal injury litigation and children. The litigation service also contains Pleadings, Questionnaires and Draft letters, Medical Materials and Essential Information.

NB: The Ogden Tables appear in Div XIV, Special Damages Statistics (see 11 - Multipliers). NB: The Judicial Studies Board Guidelines are a separate LNB source

For further details, please visit: http://lexisweb.co.uk/guides/sources/butterworths-personal-injury-litigation-service