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Mediation - the cheaper, faster way to settling disputes: Property Mail

Cathrine Grubb, Barrister and member of the Dispute Resolution Division, Civitas Law authored a recent article for landlords, developers, homeowners and property investors on the benefits of mediation as alternative form of resolving disputes rather than going to court.

Cathrine's article in Property Mail magazine (November 2011) explained that mediation is a voluntary, private method of resolving disputes in which an impartial mediator helps parties to negotiate a settlement. It’s also often a far cheaper and speedier process for planning, development and contractor disputes.

Boundary disputes for extensions or issues with contractors on build and renovation projects are particularly ripe for mediation.

For further details of the Civitas Law Dispute Resolution Division and its facilities for mediation, please contact the Dispute Resolution Manager via or call T: 0845 0713 007.

For further details on the Property Mail publication, please visit www.propertymail.co.uk